Group Coaching

Level up your business, connect with like-minded people and build your network in a tailored group coaching program.

Unsure how to navigate the next steps for growing your biz?

Do you struggle working solo, without a sounding board to share your ideas, an additional perspective,to help refine your ideas?

We speed up learning when we ask questions and hear how others have approached similar challenges

  • Immerse yourself in feedback and encouragement from your cohort
  • Participate in collective discussions of peer experience
  • Brainstorm solutions for your challenges, in a supportive environment

You’re ready to expand.

You know what to do, yet you’re not doing it. Which project to work on first, is unclear.

Busy, and stuck working in ‘the trenches’ of client work, it’s hard to look at the bigger picture of what IS working, and what isn’t.

And then, there’s the fear of getting out of your comfort zone, of changing, of how you will be perceived


  • The support of a group’s understanding, to move beyond friction, pressure and overwhelm
  • Believing in yourself to design your journey, your own way
  • Developing your next courageous offer

Looking to learn in a group? Here’s how group coaching works


–Creating your master vision for growth(the big goal)

–Crafting step-by-step actions for momentum, in a 90-day plan

–Exploring your minimum viable offer(what you can do now)

–Sharing your vision, with support from like-minded folk

This group coaching program will:


–Guide you to set clear visions for the program,for you and your business

–Nurture timelines and accountability for yourself

– Focus your business with improved boundaries

–Align business activities with personal and creative values

Hi, I'm Genèvre

Multi-small business director, artist, garden tinkerer and serial book reader.

With 14+ years’ experience as a business founder, I’m aware that it can be harder to develop ideas, and business’ direction without a sounding board. This is what sparked group coaching, an environment where the sharing of empathy, insights and reciprocity can bring next level growth.

I’m also a qualified Coach who is passionate about supporting creative thinkers to be effective in achieving their aims; with strong foundations, focus and direction. I help clients tackle limiting self-beliefs, improve their growth mindset, and blend their creative and business skills. As a group coaching facilitator, I’m your ‘guide on the side,’ rather than the ‘sage on the stage.’ To ensure each person in the group can be heard and can share

Group coaching for business and creatives

If you need support with your direction, ‘Unravel & action your creative business dreams program’ is a way to kickstart your personal and business growth. I’ll be there to: guide the group’s discussions, encourage expanded perspectives, prompt action and help you brainstorm the challenges

Specifically for you, the program encompasses:

Your #1 vision (goal) for the program

Design 3 core activities (projects) to support your goal

1:1 discussions on your individual vision and activities each month


1:1 goal setting and reviews, in monthly coaching sessions, online

12 x sessions of Group Coaching, with access to the recordings

Activity sheets to support progress

Bonus activities as required/requested

Vision pitch event, feedback from like-minded folk

Our final session will be focused on setting you up beyond the program, to maintain your momentum and plan your future goals.

And within the group program:

You'll help set the agenda for the whole group, for the whole program

And actively contribute to the group's agenda for each meeting

Ready to grow: The unravel & action your creative business dreams program

– 1:1 ‘get to know you’ session

– Links to your peers

– 5 x 1.5 hour live group sessions

– 7 x 1 hour live group sessions

– 6 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching

– Resources & Bonus extension activities

Your investment

Imagine where you could be at the end of the program?

With a network of peers, a developed concept, and the action plans to implement it.

For in-person group support:

One-time payment: $925.00 incl GST

OR a 4 month payment plan: $231.25 incl GST per month

How it works

Let’s explore

We’ll start with an exploration call, to get to know each other, explore your challenges, and make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

Set up

You’ll receive a ‘Confidentiality and Coaching Agreement’ document, and an invoice (payment plans available). And we'll confirm the onboarding process so you know what to expect.



We’ll connect

The program starts with a ‘get to know you’ session, to establish where you are now, and where you want to get to.


Before the first session you will receive a Welcome Package. And for each session you will receive an prompt/activity to review, plus a prompt to provide your questions prior to the live session. Some weeks will offer bonus activities if you want to extend yourself.



Live sessions in Ballarat

This round will be held in the recently refurbished Ballarat Central Library. We will open with group sharing, before moving into the agenda’s and questions submitted by the group members. Each session will include time for sharing challenges.


Recordings of each session will be provided, sent within 48 hours, follow up activities, and any notes or resources for the next session.

Group coaching IS for you if you’re...

–Feeling stuck working solo, and seeking peer connection

–Looking for a group that holds space for everyone to contribute

–Wanting a coach to guide the group, facilitate shared discussions and open the floor to learning from each other

–Enjoy working offline, and coming together online

This is NOT for you if...

–You’re not ready to schedule the time to show up, and do the work

–Not willing to participate in group sharing, discussions, and questions

–Unsure you’re ready to bring your ideas to fruition

–You’re sitting on the fence about improving your mindset

–Prefer to tell others what to do, and for someone to tell you what to do

Creative Peers Program: Connect, Grow, Action

12-sessions of group coaching with creative peers

Starting on 3rd June 2024!

Applications are open until 6.00pm Sunday 26th May


Imagine what it would feel like by the end of the group coaching program

You have contributed and received wisdom from a group of like minds, fostered a new network of contacts.

You’ve teased out and refined your ideas, in response to feedback from your group and coach.

You’ve created a clear plan for the work that energises you and planned what to do now and into the next 6 months in your business.

You know that each week there is progress, you are supporting yourself, and your business, to grow in the direction that aligns with your ideals.



Starting Monday 3rd June at 9.45am - 12.00pm

Fortnightly sessions, we pause during school holidays. Final session on 2nd December .

Meetings run for 2 hours, with a 15min break.

We gather in Meeting Room #3, at Ballarat Central Library, 178 Doveton St N, Ballarat Central


Still have questions? Great, let's go through them in a casual Exploration call:


Ready to go? Apply Now to reserve your place.

You'll receive a simple form to fill in, to assist with curating a good fit within the group.

Then we'll schedule a call so we can meet, and get you started.

Thanks for making it this far! I appreciate that you’re considering the details.

Head to the FAQ’s to have your questions answered on what we can discuss, work between the sessions, how frequently we can meet, confidentiality and more!

More questions? Great! Answering questions can be as enjoyable as sharing them. Book a *pressure free* call or send me an email so we can discuss.

More flex needed?

It is essential that you commit in advance to making effort to show up for yourself, and the group.

If you need greater flexibility, individual coaching can help you craft tangible actions to solve your unique problems.

“It is this dance of cross-pollination that can produce a new species of knowledge, a new way of being in the world”

— Robin Wall Kimmerer