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The benefits of working with a business coach

Each new stage of our lives brings fresh opportunities. Yet these may come hand in hand with new challenges.

This is where coaching can be of the greatest value, when we are at the precipice of a lesser known, or less comfortable stage.

Can Coaching help you?

If you work better with accountability, with peer support or being able to brainstorm outside your own head, then coaching can be of benefit!

For it to have the greatest impact, what you can bring, is:

  • A willingness to show up
  • Honesty around where you are now, and where you want to get to
  • Dedication to putting the time in to grow; without this, it’s remains as theory
  • Courage to:
  • share the obstacles
  • give ideas a go
  • be who you really are

When could coaching be useful in a business?

Trust yourself, you know when you can unpack it yourself, and when you need someone else to support your progress.

Here’s some scenarios’ when coaching can assist with efficient progress:

  1. You may be dissatisfied, stuck or have a feeling that there is more to life.
  2. You’re at the beginning, are hesitating, and want a peer to assist you through the early stages.
  3. Your business has been financially plateauing
  4. The growth you seek isn’t happening organically

If this resonates, next steps may include:

  • Draw on your network or community, ask others what they do or have done.
  • Can you build this accountability with someone you already know? Explore the skill set you want to build on, reach out to someone that could benefit from yours, and propose a regular peer-to-peer meet up
  • Web search for mentors or coaches specific to your industry
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Why business coaching is important

Typing from experience, my business partner and I have worked with both mentors and coaches. Both have significant benefits and are appropriate for different challenges.

The importance shows up here:

  • According to an Inline Partners blog from 2020, in Australia. 60% of businesses will fail in the first three years, and of those who fail, 50% are profitable.
  • (some insightful data at:or
  • In 2022, there were 19% new business entries. And 12% exits. Sobering. (Further data insights from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on business entries and exits here and on business indicators here)
  • Research conducted by the International Coaching Federation shows that 86% of companies report that they recouped their initial investment on coaching and more. 
  • According to other researchone Fortune 500 Company saw a 788% return on investment from executive coaching.
  • And simply put, most of us work better with someone to bounce ideas with, filter concepts, and to keep the momentum of growth rolling

What to work on with a business coach

The difference between a mentor and a coach is that a mentor directs. And a coach puts you in the driver seat.

So, you get to steer your area of growth. It may be financial, planning, marketing, problem solving, brainstorming and more!

*Whether starting a business from scratch, or growing an existing one, you have the option to start with the obstacles, or start with your dreams. Focus on what you need the most right now.

Who benefits from coaching

With coaching you get out as much as you are willing to bring.

Coaching, at its best, is true collaboration. Thriving on reciprocity.

In individual coaching, both the coach and participant growing together.

And within a group, each member benefits from the shared wisdom and peer insights. As they navigate challenges, idea generation and action implementation.

Business coaching testimonials

In support, here’s some GC clients and the key benefits they have experienced:

“I have achieved things in my business that I never thought I’d do and I have so much more confidence in my future growth, both as a human and in my business.”

Me&MyGirl Creative
Kara Mandel

“Don’t underestimate the benefit of having someone to bounce ideas off, ask the right questions, and encourage your creative and professional growth.”

Kara Mandel
Vanda Cummins

“ Inspires me to dig deeper into my creativity and what drives me. And find the language to be able to express this to the world”

Loki Loves

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